A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars: a child's garden of infinity

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In A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, Seth Fishman and illustrator Isabel Greenberg (<a href="https://boingboing.net/?s=“isabel%20greenberg”>previously) present a the astounding, nearly incomprehensible size of the universe in a picture book that even the very youngest readers will delight in; when I blurbed it, I wrote “Dazzling: the astounding, mind-boggling scale of the magnificent universe and our humbling and miraculous place in it, rendered in pictures and words that the youngest readers will understand.”


“Where does outer space end? It’s kind of hard to imagine. Is it real?”

–Flaming Lips

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Pishah! I would wager us 7.5bil humans could still win a war against 10quadrillion ants. Unless they happen to be living next to a nuclear testing ground out in the desert. THEM!!!

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