A look at the influential music of Todd Rundgren

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He hadn’t been on my radar for years, when this collab with Thomas Dolby came across my YT feed a couple days back:

Single from the new album



I picked up a vinyl copy of this and immediately bought the digital version. The family likes it, too.

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Few performers can encapsulate the moniker of “musical genius” more than Rundgren, we don’t get enough from him in my humble opine.

@leicester The drum & bass in that single are undeniable Rundgren, thank you.


Well, he does just want to bang on that drum all day…


Go out to the shed, and bang on that drum like it was the bosses head?

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Great live too. I saw him at the Keswick years ago. Small venue- perfect. And he knows how to wear a sarong.


A Capella is my favorite of his. Picked it up on a whim years ago (on tape, so that tells you how long it was) and it is fabulous.

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Thomas’s or Todd’s? I mean, I will have to go look for it, obv, since I love them both (Thomas more though…)

Todd’s new album

Just a few days ago discovered an old gem, a Shaun Cassidy album that was produced by Rundgren and was largely Utopia+Shaun. Whether one thinks the album is worthwhile or not (I think it’s not half bad!), it definitely gives the feeling that Rundgren was the perfect choice of producer for a kid looking to go from Teen Idol to adult.

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