A more accurate supermarket Christmas ad

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Do one about the car manufacturers that assume ordinary folk give mercedes benzes and bmws for christmas next.


The loyalty card programs boil my blood most of all. Sign up and you get $2 off milk… otherwise you pay a very inflated price. Buy 5 bags of chips for $1.59 each, otherwise it is $2.79 a bag.

I think it’s criminal and sleazy and goddamn disgusting that people who value their privacy and choose not to participate in these data-mining scams, have to pay through the nose for basic groceries.

I have relatives that will bug me for a ride to the supermarket because today they have double-points day (on very select items) and if they buy over $250 they get a free spatula.

This ad is so very true - the past few years have really positioned them well to fuck you over.


This is one of the reasons we very rarely shop at any of the regular chain grocery stores, preferring to get just about everything at Trader Joes or Costco.
Pricing at Vons and Ralphs (Southern CA Safeway and Kroger) is insane. I do have a card for both when we do, but even then, it has to apply to something we need, otherwise it’s fucking useless.


Not saying that the Dollar General and similar stores are amazing, but at least in the States they are plentiful and offer a somewhat affordable option on some things. I saw ONE banana (and oh, I looked at it) at the local 7-Eleven for $1.80 … one. And depends where you live, if you are able to even seek out better options.
A newer massive housing development in town… the stores in the plaza there are all national chains… there isn’t a mom & pop among them. You would have to drive a ways before you come across ‘older’ retail models.

I found a place where those mom & pop type operations would get their stuff - oddly enough run by Sobeys, the prices aren’t too bad and ketchup (for example) you can buy a squeeze bottle or a 5 gallon pail - you don’t have to buy a palette to get a deal. Some items (like pre-made sandwiches… yechh) are stupidly priced … only way you could turn a profit on those is if you take them up North, where everything is triple cost (milk is $9 a liter, but a 2l of Coke is $2… ffs).

The fam isn’t having any soft of Xmas gathering, there’s no gift giving among my friends… everyone is tightening their belts … in more ways than one. And the folks on social assistance (or even less)… rent is up, food is up… heat is up… a tin in the bin is a drop in the bucket. God help them.


There’s and xkcd for everything:


… has perfected the loyalty card. You pay them for the privilege.


Doesn’t cost me anything, I have the executive membership and I use the *Costco Citi Visa so the cash back more than pays for it. The gas alone (and we both work from home) covers the cost.
Even if you have the regular membership, the cost savings more than make up for it if you go there regularly. We’re only two, not a big family, but still shop there at least once a month.


Aww, the Raley’s Supermarket ad playing directly under the TikTok post was like an extra scoop of irony gravy.


I’m not debating the value of a Costco membership (I have one), but it is a form of loyalty card and does cost you something. Costco’s flavour of loyalty program charges infinite prices to non-members. And in the context of @Alvin_Goodman’s blood temperature, you are fully committed privacy-wise. Then there’s the Visa card…

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All the supermarket loyalty programs near me in the US are based on phone numbers. I use friends numbers instead of my own frequently. Why give them valid data? I just want the money-off.

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I have a localish grocer that banks points towards kitchenware (glassware, cookware) and I’m going to be boiled in figurative hexanes for not seeing it ardently. They don’t accrue hopium and interest points too, what am I even typing. Not Costco AFAIK, lessee https://www.henhouse.com/about-us/history/ Balls Food Stores. Phoarr…that’s a good name for the UK expansion. You wouldn’t nick the Balls Self-Check, would you? [Shame intensifies.]

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