A new approach to depression

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DBT isn’t exactly new. My most recent therapist introduced it to me in January 2012, and as long as I keep mindful of what I’m doing and practice what works for me personally, it works. That’s part of what makes it work - being able to pick and choose what really works for one, along with the guidance of one’s counselor or therapist.


seems to indicate “live somewhere equatorial where the population is not very dense.”


“New” is relative. If it is less than 10 or 15 years old, I’d say it was “new.”


LOL, yes, I considered that and simply forgot to add it. Thanks for the reminder.

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DBT is a manualized approach to classical Buddhist mindfulness. But I don’t want to knock it, because it works for a lot of people who would otherwise reject a mindfulness practice. If you are the kind of person who needs your therapy to be “evidence-based” you will like DBT. However, the greatest predictor for “success” in therapy is the relationship between the therapist and patient/client/consumer.

DBT was developed in the 1980s to be used with people who are highly emotionally reactive and chronically suicidal, and have difficulty regulating themselves, like people who may have been diagnosed with PTSD or Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s been studied up the wazzu and continues to be developed for use with other psychopathology/DSM diagnoses. It’s gained a lot of practitioners due to a lot of factors, not the least of which is that (unlike a lot of manualized therapies) you don’t need to go through a long expensive training program in order to practice it with clients.


Thanks for this. I didn’t know about this new variant if CBT.

I didn’t know about this either. I did 1 1/2 years of CBT for anxiety about, oh, 15 years ago. It made a real difference for me.

I’m happy for your success, it’s something many people strive to achieve. Thanks for creating an account to tell us about it.

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