A new map of the United States showing where same-sex marriage is legal


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For once I feel like saying this sincerely: “America, FUCK YEAH!”


Well deserved pat on the back, America. You’ve done the right thing today. If you are lost for what to do with this news, then Shut up, open this link, crank it up loud, and dance you beautiful bastards.


Now let’s work on fixing this other map… the one showing where you can be fired for being gay.


Congratulations on not being a jerk 5 to 4!

In the same week racist flag bane and same sex marriage legalized! Well done USA!


Party! Are we making a mix tape? I’m in.

(Fine, “play list”, whatevers.)


I assume Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and Guam should also be in that map too?


Marriage is so bourgeois, this is going to totally ruin some peoples’ ability to ghoulishly gloat over their fantasized gay promiscuity and the heinous acts it entails. Just watch, a few more years and Adam and Steve will be like Ozzie and Harriet. The TV show, not the Black Sabbath guy.


i think this ruling may help there.

the majority opinion seems to put same-sex relations in the same category as other rights which cannot be infrigined upon by government: state or federal.

it’s possible i’m misunderstanding in some way, but this seems to go beyond just marriage-equality and into equality-equality.


Well, gee, now that one Australian couple will have to get divorced. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Also Alaska and Hawaii maybe.



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