A new tent for camping on the moon


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Okay, of all the Traveller RPG equipment I was hoping to see in my lifetime, “Pressure Tent” was pretty far down the list. But it’s still pretty cool.


Bah, moon-camping has gotten so ridiculously cushy I don’t even see why people bother anymore. “Oh, sure, let’s go camping on the moon! I’ll just bring along an ENTIRE GODDAMN ELECTRIFIED HOUSE to make absolutely sure I don’t actually experience the moon.”

And of course it’ll be parked all of 50 feet from the lunar lander you drove to get there.


And try to find a campsite anywhere near Tranquility Base on the 4th of July weekend!


Now I need to get out my battered copy of Roughing It Easy: Lunar Edition. There’s nothing like the taste of bacon cooked with unobstructed solar radiation.





Where is the suit storage? If you’re never going to take off your suit you only need a bivvy bag.


“In space, no one can hear the moon-dogs barking all night.”


This isn’t new. Back in the late sixties Major Matt Mason had an inflatable space tent, though it looked like a traditional pup tent. Some of his accessories were based on things suggested by NASA, so some thought might have been given to a space tent even back then.


It’s no MOOSE.


Man, those astronauts will park their pods ANYWHERE.


probably right next to the non-existant bathroom. it isn’t like you can step outside to take care of business…


“Hand computer” was at the top of my list, and I dare say we’ve got that well before TL 10.

Well, and then there was the HUD monocle – I forget the name of it – that I thought looked cool, but not so much once Google Glass came out.


High five, HOLMES!


Dad? Why are you here on boingboing? Don’t you have MEP drafting to do? :wink:



Oh my. I think I am in love.


Does sleeping nude in this oxygen tent give you sexual powers?


Depends on whoever sleeps nude in there with you.