A Reasoned Account of Seasonal Anthropomorphism and Hoarding



You know, far from being impossible to give away, rare CDs still actually command more on Discogs than vinyl copies of the same music. I still buy them because it’s often the only way to get lossless copies of certain music that haven’t been remastered to sound terrible like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Gmex_4hreQ

Also: backups. I have all my music on an external drive at work, and a mirror RAID FreeNAS microserver at home, but should something awful happen, I still have all originals. Jewel cases are long-gone, though. Awful things. I keep the discs and artwork in polyethylne sleeves. About 1/6 of the space.

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Ridiculous. Everyone knows the Bryan Ferry brings you a topless model in exchange for a bag of uncut Peruvian flake.


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