A registry for covering maternity leave costs

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This assumes the employer will even allow the new mother to take twelve weeks of unpaid leave. Six weeks unpaid is what my former employer, considered one of the best in the area, would allow. After that, you essentially had to reapply as a new hire. So, while the idea is a nice attempt at a work-around, I’m skeptical of its usefulness in the big picture.


I’m having a[nother] baby any minute now, but am a penis-bearer, so not exactly the same boat, but I’ve been saving vacation days like a workaholic to get in a few weeks with the new bairn. DeBalsio (mayor of NYC) signed an order a couple years ago to mandate 12 weeks of paid parental leave, but only for city workers (and it’s paid by stripping other workers of vacation days and raises, can’t let them get all…cozy with each other). It’s so close to applying to me I can taste it. We have to put city agency logos on all our work, but alas, are but contractors in this world.


Can’t resist a little Scandinavian gloating: I’m wrapping up my paid daddy leave tomorrow. It’s been six glorious…months.



…on the soon arrival. And lamentations on running up against our ass-backwards parental leave system.


Not that I’ve had cause to use it but in Canada, it’s 12 months.


Same here, my wife had the other six months.


To be fair, the benefit in Canada is essentially Employment Insurance.

You get 55% of your wage up to $543/week. Often larger employers will top up your first 4 months to 100% or 80% and consider it akin to short term disability but after that you are on your own with the $543 / week.

It is a huge step up from what our USian friends south of the border get but still puts a lot of strain on family finances through that first year. Many people opt to return to work early (even with the added costs of childcare).

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Off-topic, but people do realize the baby is totally suffocating under the blanket in that picture, right?


Yeah, I know. I live here too and know people who are parents, even if I’m not one myself.

(long ignorable part)
It’s good to be clear on the shortcomings of any system. But make it the point of improvement, not the talking point. Too many bullshit artists in the US use that kind of thinking to deride socialized medicine, which, as a Canadian, I think is just absurd. Example: “In socialized medicine, you have to wait!” Well, yes but I don’t dies as much and don’t go bankrupt as much. I pay for it and would pay more too if it would make it better.
(/long ignorable part)

Aspire to better. Aspire to 12 months support. Aspire to support those who keep us going as a whole.

After all, people who make people, not only make families and communities, they do make economies too.


This is, of course, illegal if (IIRC) they have more than 50 employees. Illegal no matter how often it happens, and no matter that 12 weeks unpaid is ridiculously inadequate anyway.

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That was my first thought.

I got six weeks parental leave but I ended up spending almost all of it in the NICU. By the time the kids were healthy enough to come home my time with them was almost up. Luckily our situation was such that my wife was able to take several months off work (unpaid of course) so it wasn’t all bad.


unless that baby is five feet long its face is under those covers

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