A seemingly ingenious, simple solution to nonrepresentative government and gerrymandering


That’s exactly right. If you want to change a system, it might be useful to know where the baseline is. That way, you know where to apply leverage.


Looks to me like a way to make the two party system official.


I’m confused how in the age where the weight of a candidate’s vote can be instantly calculated on the floor of congress there is a concept of having “too large a congress” when we all know communication is just as instant. What are we worried about; their salaries? Having them physically in Washington DC?

Let’s say we had 11,000 members of congress to make a better than 1:30,000 ratio with their current average salary. That would mean an annual budget of 0.3% our country’s defense budget being spent on the whole democracy part of government, add in the cost of maintaining enough buildings to maintain it along with other miscellaneous costs and you still wouldn’t round up to 0.4% of the defense budget. It’s a blip on the radar to have a more representational government financially, and we all know that it’s technically possible. So what makes it so infeasible?


This still doesn’t solve the problem. Regard what you wrote: “if you’re one of the voters who casts a ballot for a loser who garners 30% of the vote, you still get represented in Congress.”

You can’t see the problem even though you wrote it down in words? The problem is, the winner of the race, no matter which party he registered with, is supposed to represent ALL the people of that district, and he doesn’t. The problem is PARTISANSHIP. Gerrymandering is only a symptom of the problem, NOT the cause, so this proposed change in membership would be nothing but a feel-good bandaid that would NOT even begin to solve the real problem.

We have to find some way to stop the damnable party loyalty that causes our problems. When people put the good of the party above the good of the country, they’re guilty of malfeasance. We need to figure out some way to select candidates who care more about the country than about ideology. I admit I don’t have what I consider a workable solution. But we have got to find one or this country will tear itself apart literally,


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