A visual guide to America's concentrated, uncompetitive markets

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I like their icon rack at the top of the article, but a little strange that they used the Facebook logo for the social media one when all others were generic. Do we not have a generic icon for social media? The share symbol with the three nodes and two branches, perhaps? The argument could be made that they are being clever, given that the social media graph is among the most monolithicly concentrated, but Its failure mode is just more free brand-eponimity for Facebook…


How about :poop:?


I’m no mathematician but the way I’m reading these charts Dunkin Donuts owns them all!


Time to take down that $700M Big Coffin, eh? Their relentless pursuit of profit will surely culminate in a lowering of safety standards, and then people are going to wind up dead!!!


Who is this Other they are talking about?

Weird, it’s almost like monopoly is an inherent trait of capitalism…


And thus we embraced a new golden age! All hail our golden god! All hail his golden fried chicken! All hail his golden, sparse and wispy locks!


Things don’t look good for Kathy’s bespoke coffin.

Eh - it was just going to burn on the ship anyway.


Maybe Home Depot will start setting do-it-yourself coffin kits and the home improvement monopoly will eat the casket monopoly.

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Is there a Ralph’s around here?

Leader of the free world indeed :roll_eyes:

The whole washer/dryer market is owned by the top 3 makers?

Which of those companies owns LG, Bosch, Miele, or Asko? I find it hard to believe all four of those smaller combined are less than one percent of the US market.

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“Data does not include market share for foreign imports.”

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That 2 chemical companies own 78% of corn seed is the scariest of them. How the hell did we get to a point where seeds are patented and monopolized?


Does that mean the 16% from Samsung is actually produced in the US? Interesting…

I now wonder what proportion of the actual US sales is of domestic and how much is foreign.

they missed some others like comic distribution ( only Diamond )

More a problem for the living that pay the funeral bills I expect.

No mention of big bank consolidation or Luxottica.