A vital guide to the Canadian encryption debate

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/14/working-crypto-works.html


makes sense.

The encryption debates in teh USA are already blocked or have been dumbed down by laws instilled by bush2 regimes. The original reason was related to going dark, where as the over-excessive intelagencies in place are without a job and replaced by image recognition robots that harvest physical security data instead. Avoiding compliant law-of-physics related conventional crypto would be key. Generating keys locally offline using variable bits and using crypto server that handle honey potting and key expiration like FreeEmailEncryption.com is a way to go. In fact creating an offline supercomputer with there offline key gen tool generating million bit keys and encrypting messages with expiration and padding makes this algorithm what all this debate is about. Unbreakable. Its called going dark.

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