A woman sold fake travel packages and used the money to take a European vacation

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Link on the same page as the Yahoo story. Different travel agent, same type of crime.


I guess if you’re going to try this scam you should probably book a very long-term vacation for yourself (as in a permanent move or at least longer than applicable statutes of limitations) and make sure it’s in a country the United States doesn’t have any extradition treaties with.


Yeah, there’s a reason why this story is fiction, as most folks are loathe to repeat the ending. They’d rather keep on running, I guess.

Paul's Case | Willa Cather Archive (Paul’s Case by Willa Cather)

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Travel agents still exist? Since the whole industry was propped up by gatekeeping access to the Sabre flight reservation database, the internet basically killed it. Still some zombie remnants, apparently.


It’s still a pretty big industry in Japan. A lot of people want to travel abroad but want support in their native language, which is something that travel agencies can provide.


In my experience they live exclusively off arranging travel for corporate/institutional clients who don’t want their employees’ time taken up with planning their own travel and are willing to pay the premium to avoid it.

Every time I need to use the travel agent at work I wish I could do it myself, because I know better what I want and need from a travel experience (such as departure times and hotel locations) and I’m fairly certain I can even choose cheaper options I’d be happier with than the more expensive ones they choose.

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