A wonderfully silly Mark Hammil promo for "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor"

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You fool! You fell for one of the classic online blunders! The most well-known is of course to never use your unmodified voice in an online game if you are a woman, but only slightly less well-known is this: Never pre-order a game! Wait a few weeks or months until all the major glitches have been worked out!


Regarding Steam bugging you Jason, I also, for a while, tried to branch away from it, and tried to buy most of my stuff from GoG.

Then I discovered they don’t exactly stamp out Gamergaters on their official forums, and so that (and the glorious Steam Workshop) tempted me back to Steam (yes, this sounds a bit counterintuitive when you consider what a cesspool the Steam forums are, but posts openly supporting Gamergate were posted front and centre on the GoG forums and pinned).

And for the past year or so, I’ve been trying to use Linux as my main, home, gaming OS, and without Steam and Proton, that would have been impossible (I finally switched back to Windows this week, as there was just too much stuff that either only worked inconsistently, or didn’t work at all, despite Valve’s best efforts).

Yes, they’re a big corporation running a digital storefront. But they’re better than most, and they’ve succeeded by keeping to Gabe’s philosophy of offering a better service than the competition (be that EGS, GoG or plain ol’ piracy).

And you’ll have to prize my Steam Deck out of my cold, dead hands.

But on topic, I was thinking about buying this, but £60 is asking a lot. I paid £24 for Dwarf Fortress, and I’ve gotten more out of that than I’ll ever get out of Survivor, and I’m also reluctant to support publishers who try to force console game pricing down PC gamers’ throats.
That, and it’ll probably be down to around £20 in a near-term, future sale.

That and something about the verisimilitude of the character models compared to their actors in the first game weirded me the fuck out.
That’s not helped by the fact that he did such a good job in the Gotham TV series, I can’t separate Cameron Monaghan from that role.


Mark is the best. that is all.


That’s what the pre-order discount is for - your reward for being a beta tester.


“The long term contract I had to sign
says I’ll be making these movies 'til the end of time”


If you want me to beta test your game, pay me. Discount doesn’t cut it.


That was cool - I really need to sit down and finish the first one… maybe start it over.


He is just so darn huggable. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I think I have decided to just play these in Story Mode from now on, and not have to deal with really worrying about skill. There is also YouTube for the cut scenes if you don’t want to explore the places. Dathomir was cool. I’m staying awake tonight for Coruscant – if the Epic download isn’t impossible.

The price of joining early!


I put it on medium difficulty - because I didn’t want it just a walk through swing and hack - but also I did get stuck in a few places. I think I was used to something like Force Unleashed where you can get away with just hacking away with the light saber, whereas with the newer game you had to use SOME strategy and skill. Maybe boop it down to easy?

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