ACAB? All Cops Are Blobby, Apparently

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Mr Blobby turning up in the early 1990s was a kind of inflection point in crappitude for the BBC/British media. It was intended or imagined to be a parody of the crummy childrens’ TV mascots then in use, but it immediately became the most popular of them all, and spread that popularity to prime time adult TV. For a certain generation (mine) it was a tween moment when you realize that what you grew up with (and by implication UK’s delusional belief in the quality of its programming and broadcast institutions) was in fact dogshit, that the adults had fucked up and in some undiscovered way were themselves extremely fucked up.

There was something about how fucking nasty Blobby was, too. Kids emulating blobby would always render his space-invading routine with belligerent or even sexual overtones.

We knew! Wasn’t until uears later we found out that the media monoculture which produced blobby was hiding so much of it.


I broke down and searched for Blobby’s origins.

But his origins were not noted in the blog post. That clip was much later - 2012.

I think this was his first appearance (skip to 4.34 for the ‘show’)

More history here.


And just like that Brexit is starting to make sense.


Unfortunately, Britain got Mr. Blobby in the divorce


In the early days of television, programs were produced by people who didn’t grow up with a TV (obviously). At some point though, shows became created entirely by people who had watched TV since infancy. Seems to me this point corresponds with the emergence of blobby.

Seems to me that point was reached before ‘92. Or should the relevant year be different in the UK?

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