AccuVein, A Sci-Fi Vein Scanner IRL

I was in an ER last year due to an unfortunate case of food poisoning and the nurses couldn’t find a vein for an IV because I was so dehydrated. The futile effort at the time being a human pin cushion was very painful and could have been avoided with this cool tool right out of Star Trek.

Could also be used for some Halloween fun!

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That is indeed cool and wonderful.
My mom used to do blood draws a lot.
I got told 2 things… 1. don’t be a dick to the nurses/techs. She told me a story about when she was working at an air base hospital. A full bird colonel got her very upset and flustered because ‘no girl will draw my blood’. The other two techs were male and then proceeded to miss his main arm vein, then the wrists, then the ankles before saying well you know that she was the best in the place for drawing blood maybe he should let her do it.
2. As long as I am not being a dick first that if anybody misses giant vein in my arm I am allowed to be a dick afterwards. (Seriously my last blood draw the tech was wow I don’t even need to use the strap)


Excellent advice!

I was tolerant up until a point. Not being able to take it anymore I finally screamed “FUCK!” at the top of my lungs. The nurse brought in another to try and finish the job. I apologized to her later because nurses are awesome.

Funny, you never see anyone screaming in a Star Trek sick bay.

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They have better drugs and no needles.

I would probably scream ‘fuck!’ too after several pokes while feeling like hell from food poisoning.

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