Addendum to the modified Maslow Hierarchy


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Now it looks like a multistage rocket that’s going to launch self-actualization into orbit.


I know, in the hierarchy of vowels, the “e” comes before the “i”, but it’s nevertheless spelled hIErarchy…

In the inverted hierarchy of needs, if you achieve enlightenment, your battery will never run down. And if it does, strangers will give you their chargers.


Thank you!


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Probably should change that to miners/minors because somebody also has to assemble those things…


Am I the only one that finds both this and the other modified one really annoying and whiny in a #firstworldproblems way?

Nonono. It’s COFFEE

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I’m debating internally if battery isn’t more important that WiFi. Yeah, you can plug it, but who wants to do that. And a dead device is useless, but a device without WiFi is nearly as bad. I dunno.

A modern Gift of the Magi?
You sold your WiFi to get me a bigger battery? But, I got you bigger antennae for your WiFi…



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