Ads could use ultrasound to secretly link your gadgets

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Deja vu, much?

Derp! I b-sided my dupe.


i always thought the future would be less icky. i miss the retro futurism dream future.


Whatsmore there’s been sightings of this type of thing in the wild. In malware. Attempting to use ultrasound to keep itself installed as a rootkit on laptops. I don’t know whether it ended up being a hoax, but the story went that laptops with the rootkit that were airgapped could still get C&C from non airgapped equipment talking at them with ultrasound.

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Here we go. The thing is called BadBIOS, and purportedly works

Acoustic mesh networking via low-quality audio equipment appears to be plausible, and has been replicated to at least 20bps. Slow, but plenty of bandwidth for figuring out if two machines are in proximity and used by the same person.


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