Affluenza teen and mom captured in Mexico


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Can the asshole go to jail now?


I hope that when this case goes to trial they find an independent judge from outside of the county because it appears that all the local magistrates have been somehow induced to look the other way when someone from the Couch family comes before them.


Hmmm. . . why am I thinking of Donald Trump all of a sudden?


Is being an unbelievable idiot enough to get your case forwarded to death row; or does Texas still insist on genuine retardation for that?


A psychologist hired by Couch’s defense lawyers said the teen’s extravagantly wealthy lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from wrong. Texas State District Judge Jean Boyd agreed.

The fact that she gave him a crazy light sentence doesn’t necessarily mean that she agreed with the “affluenza” business (discussed in several posts here). It’s a lawyer’s job to try any reasonable line of defense (granted, this one was pushing the limits of “reasonable”). The judge never mentioned “affluenza” in her decision, so it could have been (and hopefully was) a non-factor. Still didn’t seem like a great decision, regardless of the reasoning.


Are you saying that during his time in rehab he was…

Adjusts tie

Horsin’ Around?


Autoplay video? Seriously, Boing Boing?


Why the hell is it that people act as if being seen on the internet with a substance is evidence of anything? There is no photographic evidence on YouBube or FriendFace which demonstrates what was really in your cup, or in your bong.

Secondly, I am amused that somebody besides myself has used the word “affluenza”. But these people are so full of shit that I am downgrading them to “effluenza”.


No, that would be wrong! His parents didn’t teach him basic morality, it’s not his fault!


Bojack-assisted therapy would be the most fun and least theraputic therapy.


That’s always a strange way to describe American sentences.

Ten years of being a second-class citizen is way beyond the maximum penalty that he’d have gotten in Austria.


He has violated the terms of his juvenile parole. Sure jail, but I’ve heard it is a max 120 days.


“You… You made our affluenza son worse!”


Of course he looks like a Lannister.


Millions of people are watching, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few thousand could be convinced to contribute to his “rehabilitation” fund. In fact he could probably make a career out of that.





What would the maximum penalty be for killing four people and maiming two, while drunk driving?


Vehicular manslaughter due to alcohol gets you up to 3 years in Austria.

Calling Carl Malamud side note: you cannot find the laws of Austria online, for free, in English. I had to download a German PDF and use Google Translate.

Relevant section is #81: