Afghan Whigs video featuring NYC subway dance crew


Love that BB are giving the Whigs so much love. I’m gutted that I can’t make any of the dates on the recent tours (chances of them coming to Taiwan: zero) but the new album is a powerhouse. Guess I can live with my memories of all the times I saw them first time round…

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as a long-time Afghan Whigs fan, i think that Do to the Beast is an excellent Twilight Singers record, and is definitely one of my favorites this year. i am still waiting for a new Afghan Whigs record.

regardless of that, i do love that BB are giving Greg so much love, and i can’t wait to watch this video when i have a chance today.

I am so excited to see the Whigs in concert this September. They are one of the bands (also: The Cure) that finally got me to get up off my ass and go to a music festival (Riot Fest) for the first time in 10 years.

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