After 3d grade complaint, Florida school district bans award-winning "This One Summer" from high-school library

[quote=“chgoliz, post:21, topic:73822”]They go to school in a district where a book can be banned/restricted across multiple schools because one parent complained. What kind of library succumbs to this minimal pressure? What kind of school? This is simply one example of a much larger problem for all the students in that area.[/quote]Except if it was really that easy, one would expect to see ridiculous stacks of generally innocent books piled up in this “restricted” section for the most preposterous of reasons. As I said, context is lacking.

In other words, they have to be the kind of students who know they CAN request information that makes their parents squidgy, and know that it is possible to find that sort of info at their school library.

Well, why have a restricted section at all if it’s going to be kept secret?

…Of course, the obvious answer is precisely so the library has a means of getting rid of something without having to actually use the terrible “b-word”. But then I wonder if this has become a common practice in school libraries across the nation.

Like this?


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