Fla principal broke rules by cancelling summer read of Little Brother


@cory, what age group is the book aimed at? 15+ ?

I think a mature 10 year old can handle it (I’ve met several who tell me so). I was thinking 12 and up when I wrote it.

IMHO, anybody who wants to ban a book/game/etc… should prove that they have actually consumed said media first before calling for its banning. It seems to me that the vast majority of calls to ban a work come from people who hear that it is bad from a third party and then take up the mantle.

While I don’t think book bans are a good idea at all, if someone is going to do it I want them to at least be able to speak intelligently about the work and cite specific passages that they think should warrant a ban. Otherwise their argument boils down to “I demand the kids remain as ignorant as I am!”


I may be overgeneralizing, but I get the impression that acts of this kind do not come from a rational state of mind, so therefore expecting a reasonable rationale precludes the act entirely.

In other words, it’s so much easier to come to a conclusion based on hearsay and speculation instead of facts and logic.

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Are you mad? Do you have any idea what a book like this could do to an authority figure? Let me tell you, bub, it’s not pretty.


Can I watch? How much are the tickets?


Probably better than letting them make an ass of themselves because some “activist” told them a bunch of bullshit and they didn’t verify it before going off on a tangent. At least one congressman made an ass of himself by repeating some total nonsense he heard about Mass Effect on the floor of the House (or was it Senate?) a few years ago in an attempt to get it banned.

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It doesn’t look like they’re cancelling summer reading programs, just that they’re not limiting those programs to one book.

Thomas added that the district will no longer allow just one book to be assigned to an entire student body for summer reading.

“What we want to do at the district is be very clear that there always needs to be multiple choices and multiple choices for each grade level,” he said.

This is actually a great idea. Even the very best books won’t appeal to all readers, and summer reading should be, first and foremost, enjoyable.

So, not only did Cory’s book bring attention to a bad, authoritarian principal, it has sparked a vital improvement in a summer reading program!


Agreed. I’ve repeatedly demanded the banning and burning of The Bible because of those salacious chapters on Jesus’ ignominious pole-dancing years, post-resurrection.

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But is that possible? These are people who will say an untrue thing, with the expectation that if they never admit their mistake then no mistake has been made!

Is anyone really surprised by this?
It’s Florida.
There’s a reason why the website Fark has a Florida tag.

That said, kudos to the school superintendent not only laying the smackdown on the principle but also addressing a flaw in the idea that you just need one book when you really should read more than one.

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