Why I'm sending 200 copies of Little Brother to a high-school in Pensacola, FL




Just (re) read it. Fantastic. Silly school.


You are the best Cory. Little Brother is one of my favorite books. Just so enjoyable. I just wish I got to read it when I was a bit younger. And I can’t wait until my daughter is a bit older to give it a go.


Thank you very much – I’m honored!


Very glad you enjoyed it!


Fight the power…


Good on you - and Tor! Keep on fighting the good fight, spreading awareness and modeling citizen activism!


Made sure the wee ones could identify the cover and knew the title; on the bookshelf for a few years while they get through Peppa Pig / Warrior Cats then they can read it!


She’s 8 and gifted. She could certainly physically read it now, but I think maybe around 12-14 or so.


@doctorow - did you see the news about Vodafone today?

Open access for “security” forces in various places. I’m amazed they fessed up, but maybe it’s simple wisdom - people are becoming more and more aware!


I love the book, so I’m kinda surprised more schools haven’t banned it. It’s potent material, and definitely inspires readers to disobey authority, misuse technology, and generally rebel.

From what I know about school administrators, I would think Little Brother would be a lot less welcome than it seems to be. I guess there are a lot of cool english teachers and librarians out there!


I just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts in this Cory and your passion. The video and presentation you made was so sincere, natural and open, the sort of approach that just invites dialogue and communication. I support you in this.


I think the lesson is that – despite all the shady attacks on the profession – most educators are passionate, dedicated and completely on-side with intellectual freedom.


In my experience, librarians are quiet subversives. Freethinking radicals in horn-rimmed glasses. Freespeaching fanatics who will “shhhh” you with a wink and a nod. Dangerous folks.


I’m okay with students reading Little Brother, unless they’re wearing leggings!


Nothing will motivate a bunch of high school kids to do something like telling them it’s too subversive and dangerous and that they are not. allowed. to do it.


Do they need additional copies or will the 200 do?


First, I loved the book & homeland as well even though 65 is a bit beyond YA. I substitute teach and have recommended to numerous students since reading it. I’ve even brought it up in my kindle app and let them peruse it. Just doing my aging hippy bit to subvert the young.


I’d buy any book this man published…


But…but…but… the school has made rules and those rules must be followed!