After federal document-snatch, ACLU case over Florida cops' phone surveillance collapses


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Let start off by saying that this is not my attempt to “Benghazi” the stingray controversy, but I’m curious where the seizure order originated.

I’m curious where the seizure order originated.

That’s a confidential security matter, citizen. Now go about your business. Oh, and keep a cellphone on your person while you do, in case we need anything.


Cable Company fckery, meet National Security fckery.


Now if only an ACLU case against the FBI would get the same documents ceased by a state’s police force.

I played this game as a kid at school. It sucked.


Boy, if they’re trying to convince people the U.S. is not a police state they’re doing a lousy job.


Even when/if the Courts side with the ACLU, it’s not like the administration gives a damn.
“State’s rights”…who cares about that quaint old notion?

It’s nice to see the President so, so worried about the degradation of law & order in Iraq. But maybe he could start paying some attention to the same problem in this country?


Do not disturb the fabric of the Matrix.

Stingray is only one of the IMSI-catcher devices. These things perform man-in-the-middle on the phone-to-network connection. (And I created this article back in 2005. So the thing is nothing new, and wasn’t really new even then.)

Yeah. The nothing to hide argument only applies to us citizens.

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