After mass public shaming over crappy customer service, Comcast responds


Damn. I can’t wait until Comcast owns all the cable companies and we literally have no choice over which crappy provider and nightmarish customer service experience we’ll get to enjoy.


Was this not posted a little while ago?

I’ll believe Comcast is embarrassed when they drop performance incentives for their customer retention people.


If calling Comcast is anything like calling Rogers, the department you get when you select cancel my service is Retentions. It’s part of the stupid bullshit routine here to tell them you want to cancel your cable, internet, or phone service, wait patiently while they get their manager to approve $20/month off for a year or two, then repeat while that lower price expires. There’s a lot of nudge, nudge, wink, wink going on when you call to “cancel”. I expect the majority of the calls they get are people looking for a better price. Damn monopolies.


I hope that if Karinshak does call Ryan Block, Block spends 18 minutes badgering him over his reasons for apologizing.


The retention department is set up specifically to encourage this kind of outrageous behavior.

Reddit Best of Thread Detailing this from former Comcast employee


We are very very sorry we got caught

What can be done about it?

This reminds me of when I had a run-in with

After 4 rounds of terrible customer service where I got neither my money back, nor what I had ordered, and an incident which involved asking me to callback at a specific time (5 minutes after they closed!!)

So I hacked their voicemail system and left a personable message to their president, asking him if I could please just get what I had ordered and paid for and stop being annoyed with their company, please.

It showed up by courier within 48 hours on a weekend, across the country. With a gift certificate.

A certificate I then used to purchase a small customer service themed poster from for 20 bucks and then the other 5 for postage to send it to their phone center, addressed to the very CSR who had unwisely given me her name after being so very rude. I did not throw her under the bus to her boss. I just sent the poster.


Except, presumably, the policies of didn’t mandate that the CSR treat you in such a shoddy manner in order to keep her job.

Neither of us can possibly know that.

Ok, sure, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a fairly safe presumption that “be rude to the customers, and screw up their orders” isn’t a performance metric at the way that “pressure customers as much as possible to prevent them from cancelling” is a performance metric at Comcast.

I’m not familiar with this -safe- presumption. When is it ever safe?

I had a customer service experience where I made it right, because service was terrible. I don’t care or presume what some companies performance metric is, because I don’t run them.

What i do do is solve problems. if I had been these comcast customers I would have tried twice to get them to cancel service, then removed their wire from my property and sent them a nice certified letter explaining their inability to provide me service.

Most Comcast customers (and most American Internet consumers) already have no choice.

Well, I guess we still have the choice to move to another service area, and yeah, Comcast doesn’t even want us to have THAT choice anymore.

Atleast we’ll not have to suffer through disconnection of service requests!

“Your apology may be monitored for quality assurance purposes”

I now have visions of Comcast stationing guards outside peoples houses to prevent them from moving to another area. Or perhaps taking over all the removal firms and having them refuse to move people until they’ve had another thought about abandoning Comcast…

Shhh! Don’t even think it.

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