After more than a decade, Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg's YA classics The PLAIN Janes are back!

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[I <em>adored</em> Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg’s YA graphic novels <em>The PLAIN Janes</eM> and <em>Janes in Love</em>, which were the defining titles for the late, lamented Minx imprint from DC comics. A decade later, the creators have gotten the rights back and there’s a <a href=“”>new edition</a> Little, Brown. We’re honored to have an exclusive transcript of Cecil and Jim in conversation, discussing the origins of Plain Janes. Make no mistake: this reissue is <em>amazing</em> news, and Plain James is an underappreciated monster of a classic, finally getting another day in the spotlight. If you haven’t read it, consider yourself lucky, because you’re about to get another chance. -Cory]

Should the last quote be Jim? Maybe I read it wrong.

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