After retaliation against Googler Uprising organizers, a company-wide memo warns employees they can be fired for accessing "need to know" data

nice translation.


We need proper competition in search etc (like the law requires).

Then there are myriad firms to work for. Concentration of employment inevitably leads to graft, megalomania, political influence, etc, because humans.

But where is your line? Removal of a topco board member? Or banning rainbow graphics in the office?

Business is business, but I think we can all see that the anti oligo/monopoly efforts pursued in the USA in the early 20th century are still paying dividends to quality of life.

Robber barons will lie, and rob, and steal. It’s what they do.


Hey, JV. Guess what? I’m the boss, and you’re fired! What?? You want to file an appeal? I’m sorry, no can do, buckaroo. I’m tha boss! End of story.


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