After torture, and between Harry Potter novels, CIA allowed KSM to design a vacuum cleaner

Well, of course. When your life sucks, your mind automatically turns to vacuum cleaners.

Those foreign enemies are the smallest problem now. History demonstrates that such abuses of power always expand beyond their original targets. Once a Government sees torture as a viable tool to combat their enemies you never know who gets declared an enemy in the end. Slippery slope…

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The Torture Never Stops

Torture worked so well that the CIA illegally destroyed the video tapes of the waterboarding session.

In WW2, the Japanese routinely tortured prisoners to death.

When the Chinese got a Japanese prisoner, they gave him a nice bed, a new suit of clothes, good food, and even hookers.

Who do you think got more cooperation? Even the fanatical Japanese soldiers changed sides to work for China, translating, writing propaganda, contacting Japanese soldiers and telling them to defect.

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Does Mrs. Jesus do windows?

Take off every ‘Zig’!!

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