After Uvalde: Guns, Grief & Texas Politics

Having spoken with a variety of gun owners and 2A types here in central Texas, my guess is that Cruz has a talking-points list that runs, like a bad screensaver on an old Windows95 OS, automated, in the background, relentlessly, joylessly… mechanically.

That internal dialogue-as-list has phrases in it like “personal responsibility” and “nanny state” and “constitutional freedom” and “protect my/your family from ______” etc. Doubtless it has more phrases contained as @gracchus rightly points out in that

thread started in April 2022.

The Texas pro-gun arguments are not unique in the U.S. by any stretch.
They are often the most flamboyant, most performative and theatrical, routinely signal-boosted in media, because of the many gun massacres and gun deaths we have here. We are a kind of bellwether in this way. No bueno.