After Ways of Seeing, watch Robert Hughes' Shock of the New

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It’s rise, its dazzling achievement, it’s embarrassing greengrocers’ apostrophe’s on the dust jacket!


It also has one of the best opening theme tunes of the early '80s! I remember recording it off the TV on my cassette recorder when I was 10. Anyone know who composed it?

Peter Howell from the Radiophonic Workshop.

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Was it ever released commercially?

That’s a great series. I saw it on PBS way back when. It is one of those series they showed once and never replayed. Had no idea it was on YouTube. Thanks!

That I really couldn’t say. I can’t seem to find if it shows up on one of the RWS recordings.

Can’t recommend this enough, especially if you “don’t get” modern art. The book is pretty marvelous too.

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