Afterlife is a short film that imagines life after death

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Clever title.

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I have included below as evidence a image of the after life.

I wonder if this same video could be substituted as an acid trip the artist took.

It’s kind of an interesting topic, taking from a purely agnostic viewpoint - ie, no specific religious dogma - to surmise what if anything happens to our conscience if it keeps going in the universe.
Also, what’s the cut off? Any sentient being? Lobsters? Honey bees?

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If any afterlife is filled with the usual assortment of assholes and morons, I’ll skip it, thanks. Worse yet, some theologies posit that the ‘souls’ of unborn (miscarried or aborted) humanoid fetuses migrate to Heaven, so said afterlife would be filled with brainless polyps with no real-world experience outside a womb. Not the most exciting conversationalists, hey?

Fuck yeah National Film Board of Canada. I think of it sometimes when I’m feeling particularly down about humans and their priorities in this life.

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Man, what a lousy print. I guess I’m spoiled by current video quality but I can’t stand dirt on film and bad autoexposure on the transfer.

Dreadful soundtrack.

And that is… consultancy [chef’s kiss]

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One of my favorite videos on the subject. The Real You

For me, it’s The Egg. The story is a nice quick read but but there’s many great versions of it (3 links there).

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