"Aggressive bush" defeats mailmen

Mark Malloy, for London newspaper Metro: “A Shropshire man has been told by the Royal Mail he will not receive any post unless he cuts back his aggressive raspberry bush.” READ THE REST

The sensible thing too do is rent a mail box at the local mail depot or have the mail redirected too save the raspberries, otherwise, cut them back. It would seem most spurious too allow the bush too encroach at risk of lose of public service.

On the other hand, this provides the ‘other’ departments too be active and shows need for their support services and this case proves handsomely.

The internet seems to be full of men ranting against ‘bush’ these days.

By now the local council is no doubt drafting a letter of discontent including the threat of a fine if the aggressive (and after being revised in multiple internal reports), nigh-ambulatory raspberry attack-bush is not trimmed back to civilised and non aggressive standards.
Once the ball starts rolling a chain of unlikely anti-jobsworths will emerge from the woodwork, who simply can’t not do the banally litigious and impractical red tape pinning on every situation which impinges upon their fiefdom.

The trigger incident need not actually be real or even approaching an enthusiastically artistic interpretation of what constitutes ‘real’. It need only have the domino effect of triggering other protocols and other departments and the disgorgement of other untapped seams of paperwork in triplicate.

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27B/6? We’ll be back.

Union workers live by finding ways too not too preform their function. IMO. I’m not saying they don’t ever perform a job, it’s done … eventually. Ayn Rand rollgrave gif.

Was this man seen in the area?

This is just making me want raspberries!

I do like this headline.

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