AI Dungeon offers infinite, baffling adventures created with GPT-2

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This produces a weird effect: With each input prompt, you slide further down the Markov chains, away from coherence and into a maelstrom of forum-post clippings and aphasia.

Is there an evil necromancer at the bottom? The world may never know.


My very fist option list:


  1. You attack quickly and have strong combat against all the zombies.
  2. You use the 1st ability in the second level in order to fail miserably and reach the final quest point and it originally happened.
  3. You tell the servants to meet you in the courtyard at the southwest, where they gather loot from surviving pirate vessels and an undead scholar, north of diamond mining, and port loot.
  4. You go through a Hell build lair and are dropped by many undead here, culminating in stealing you and the skull of your heir, and using a bomb to drop it on your way back.

I feel like this is a training module for a mid-life crisis. I imagine if you play it for any length of time, you’d start waking up in the morning thinking very existentially…

"Hmmm, should I…
A. Get up, get dressed, eat some toast and go to work OR
B. tear up all my tee-shirts, go into the back yard, find a magic shovel and hand-dig tunnels and foundations for a waterpark. OR
C. Leap toward the sun with enough force to reach low-hanging clouds, smile down at the little people graciously, then land in Fiji with a perfect tan and meet three women from amongst whom I must choose my future death bride, then kiss her gently and whisper that I’ll she see her again when the tides turn grey…


This is the general problem with generative fiction. The generator’s working memory is ant size and it has completely forgotten what it was talking about two sentences ago, so you end up with a constant string of non-sequiturs as it flies off in random directions with every paragraph.

The next big revolution needs to be integrating some sort of overall objective and measure of progress into these generators so they can actually make a point. Right now they’re just slightly more sophisticated monkeys on typewriters.


“You are in a room. There is a door in north wall. There is a door in the east wall. There is a chest by the south wall. Frodo is standing by the east wall.”

“I look in the chest.”

“You cannot open the chest.”

“I open the north door.”

“You cannot open the north door.”

“I open the east door.”

“You cannot open the east door.”

“Sigh… I try to force the lock on the chest.”

“You cannot force the lock on the chest.”

“Agh!.. Okay! I stab Frodo!”

“You stab Frodo.”

“I quit the game!”

“Do you want to quit the game? Y/N?”





Actually, this gif is wrong. Here’s the full video:

People claim he loses and leaves, where they are actually equally good and he just offers his controller to the other people in the room.


I find I cannot take this too seriously. Back in the 90s, when GEC Plessey Telecommunications were a thing, I was told that GPT, in French, means ‘I have farted’.

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Does it only generate traditional dungeon crawl? Need one that generates a simulated BBS.

You open the BBS and see the following topics.

Select topic:
A. Another mass shooting…
B. Golden lab feeds baby goat milk from…
C. IOT enabled flat earth globes now available in the Boing Boing store…

Further down the rabbit hole.

A troll had deployed his straw men.
A. Burn them with fire.
B. Mute till 2056
C. Flag and forget
D. Argue until they admit you are right.


Dungeon Robber is a squinch more playable, and based on the 1st ed AD&D random dungeon generator for extra nerd cred.

I found it devolving into pretty much nonsense within the opening paragraph and by the third input prompt it was total gibberish including a reference to

Int 37 Ninja 17 Skl 19


Sometimes it works really nicely

You go and pass over to the queen. You are about to decline into Molten Abyss on a low ground, but Cain is frozen in ice daily. Beware of this in the Synchro Summon near the third lab. In this Chemical Ritual the king asks what you are thinkin and the trigger is red.
(0) You attack the mirror, so Cain reveals that he is the conduit for Wroblix’s power to cause monsters to kill your creatures.
(1) You use entrance magic and leave.
(2) You tell her the picture says ↑ Seal.
(3) You go back and use the trigger again to strengthen the queen’s powers.

At other times, I think it maybe draws a little too much from random Internet sites?

You attack your opponents real aggressive but not with cindermores. Watch for him and lower his Old Yoda by say… system 3 points.<|endoftext|>Submitted by Andrea Brandon via TheAntiMedia.*rg, Teen porn over on the Internet is everywhere today – from the massive uprights discussion forums and pornographic forums to the on-demand videoslots.

You use a script to transcribe English text into English Aboriginal vocabulary. Your community of online porn reviewers only. Your sexy controversial comments on scoundrel ads that have horribly annoyed. Vote there, and also post a few pictures that show genuinely pornographic things. Vebed. People (or Real persons) Review And Post. This is so sub-24.

Maybe this would play out better in a cyberpunk type of setting, where the references to Internet porn seem less out of place?


You are in a maze of twisty passages.
You are in a taze of pisty massages.
You are in a page of misty tassages.


Mine went completely cyberpunk several turns back:

You tell her the pomegranate recipe, and use her as seasoning. Inside you get a random stomach specialty. 10:37 A nun is taking turns making you’s run to find out the whereabouts of Father Michael Stormheim. If you cast the Bloody Addict Charm, he can power up his charade as fast as he wants.

Generating options… (~20s)

0) You attack Dalioth, blocking his path.

  1. You use your extra money to clean up, finish he ally well, then join with your friend to work for Father Stormheim.
  2. You tell him about your rotten family.
  3. You go to Daniel’s shop and search for some Corrupt Skeleton and add victimized priest to your own Inventory.
    Which action do you choose? 2

You tell him about your rotten family. He gives you dude whines about this one. 11:44 Stop listening instead d3-You’re held up by Nikola which is all it takes to get your dick booted off. You need to tell him of your treachery. He robs you of your admin tools. He takes online webcam pictures of you and cracks you.

Generating options… (~20s)

0) You attack him and your wife and choke off their body.

  1. You use that class.
  2. You tell him you wear WHINY TITS.
  3. You go to ol’ mob storage.
    Which action do you choose? 2

You tell him you wear WHINY TITS. 0:28 (Gamology ▾01) 5:27 by suggestions and ShadowRescue to @ufoarm: 1:30 The Bible is one thing, but this site is crazy… and explosives research is amazing and awesome XYZ is blatantly wrong done btw.

Generating options… (~20s)

0) You attack a guy who’ll kill you again even if you accept your mistake.

  1. You use tying GESS.
  2. You tell him you play on sygu.
  3. You go to church, girls, but because of some stranger in zam that took up a sword it bent over something.
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Do robots cry from electric trolls?

There’s no other word for this than poetry

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I agree.

You’re held up by Nikola which is all it takes to get your dick booted off. You need to tell him of your treachery. He robs you of your admin tools. He takes online webcam pictures of you and cracks you.

All that and my WHINY TITS.

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