Airbnb has software that searches social media to identify creeps and psychopaths

What could go wrong with letting a private corporation like AirBnB a) gut the supply of long-term housing and monopolize the supply of short-term housing and then b) impose their own arbitrary standards on who is worthy of living in that housing.

Imagine, entire neighborhoods occupied only by AirBnB-approved short-term renters! How could that possibly have a detrimental impact on the culture of a city?


I don’t know what the breakdown is between purely puritanical motives(I certainly wouldn’t bet against them) and other concerns; but AirBnB also has a likely interest because they’ve caught some flack over the “pop-up brothel” incidents over the years.


Does someone who algorithmically pores over your private social media posts looking for reasons to deny you shelter qualify as a creep or a psychopath?

Will I be banned from airbnb for this post?

If they get rid of creepy psychos, how many urban hosts will be left?


The machine learning also scans news stories that could be about the person, such as an article related to a crime, and can “weight” the seriousness of offences.

Good thing that couldn’t possibly go wrong.

Exactly how much information about social media accounts will they need? Just the account names or will you have to let them inside your inner circle?


They also may not want “commercial filming” occurring in their property, or for their cleaning crews to drop them, though it goes without saying this isn’t the way you go about it, unless you are

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