Airbnb hosts consistently discriminate against black people

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I just saw this too.


In the economy of the future, we will all get rich selling each other hand-crafted soap, except the ones who have no recourse when they encounter discrimination.


Similar results have been shown from submitting job applications with different names.


Funny enough, there are other YC ventures that deliberately obfuscate applicant names and replace them with random phrases like “Peppermint Bathtub.” So it’s not like AirBnB lacks for ideas on how to mitigate this.


[quote=“Ratel, post:4, topic:70586”]
Similar results have been shown from submitting job applications with different
[/quote]That’s why we have have laws regulating housing discrimination. But Airbnb bypasses those regulations, and a whole host of other regulations. That’s the entire point of them.


I, for one, would never let someone like Peppermint Bathtub into my home.


So the news is : “AirBnB hosts are consistently representative of the population at large”

In nearly all cases, whether renting or buying, minorities were told about and shown fewer properties than white people. Blacks were told about and shown about 17 percent fewer homes than whites

I suppose you’re pointing out that what’s being pointed out – the pervasive persistence of racism – is already obvious. Trouble is, Airbnb is likely another facet of daily life that most white people would never think of as racist. I think it just wouldn’t occur to them. So doing studies like this one and getting their results reported remain important. It’s already pushed Airbnb to at least respond and pledge to do better. Maybe such studies can also help with the push for better regulation of Airbnb’s practices, so that it has to do better.


It’s too bad that this study was not shared with Chief Justice John Roberts and Antonin Scalia in their hearings about the effectiveness of Affirmative Action. It’s pretty creepy to hear John Roberts very anti-stance on the Equal Voting Rights Act and then hear him proclaim “what do black students contribute to a physics class?” Why are so many white people comfortable with racism?


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Unfortunately it’s difficult to enforce those regulations even for housing discrimination as long as there’s plausible deniability. People may even fool themselves into thinking they turned away a loan application from someone with a name like “Tyrone Williams” in lieu of “Connor Anderson” based of their respective merits rather than a conscious or unconscious racial bias.


I think it’s mostly because so many of them believe that their racist feelings, thoughts and actions are instead just commonsense.


you know, i hate it when you are right. (i could tell stories, but it’s mostly white racism with hispanic people, because of where i’ve lived. and yeah, it is always fucking ‘common sense’)


i have a bad habit, i have good hearing so i tend to overhear peoples phone calls. when i heard someone in my apartment complex say on the phone, “yeah, we need to do something, to protect us good… (big pause) white people” i almost lost my shit. she didn’t want to be overheard, but yeah, “kick out everyone in the country that isn’t white, cause they aren’t good and white”–or just let them grow our food.


Since it’s Friday afternoon (at least where I am), can we just segue a bit and start telling white people jokes?

Oops, almost forgot – #notallwhitepeople!


As just one example I lost track of all the “A blanket ban on all Muslims isn’t anti-Muslim!” claims I’ve seen this week.

I think a lot of people live under the delusion “I’m not being racist if I don’t self-identify as a racist, and in fact anyone who points out systemic racism is being the real racist.”


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My point wasn’t that racism is obvious or normalised. Being reminded of that, and looking for ways to continue to address that is an ongoing task.

My point is that this headline portraying AirBnB hosts specifically as racists is false-y, when the results of this study actually put them right in the middle of stats gathered from other, wider studies.

“Andriod users found to be no more or less racist than non-android users”

“Cilantro lovers are about as passively racist as everyone else”

All you can take away from it is that AirBnB hosts are not magically any more virtuous human beings than others

  • as if anyone had expected a tendency for people who share their homes with foreign travellers to be more tolerant overall or something. … which, I’ll admit, I was slightly hoping to see.

Yes, racism is supposedly something blatant that “actual racists” do, not ordinary white people. Never mind the fact – oops, the systemic fact! – that we live in a society that encourages all people to have and enact unconscious racist biases. What a surreal twist it is these days that those who point that out are accused of being the real racists, the “race hustlers.” exploding head gif


Yeah. I suppose the headline could be more accurate if it said, “Like most other people, Airbnb hosts consistently discriminate against black people.”

By “it” I assume you’ve moved to referring to the whole post, and to the study it’s about? If so, then I think there’s a lot more than that to be taken away from it/them, especially if you shift from thinking about what it says about who white people are and what they tend to do, to thinking about the shit that black people tend to experience. Racism like Airbnb’s is a pervasive problem, and it’s one that most white people don’t want to acknowledge, let alone do anything about, especially if black people try to point it out. Institutionally validated studies like this one at least carry more weight with the few white folks who are willing to read past headlines.