Airline introduces adults-only zone on international flights

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I support this.

I have great sympathy for the parents (and children) stuck on long flights- or really any flights.
But I also want to travel in relative peace.

Now if only we could do something about adults acting like roid raging toddlers on flights…


same, I like the principle, hopefully it pans out and does actually feel like a positive for both sides of the curtain wall.

On a related note, I do wonder if this will have the “quiet car” effect observed on trains, that different adults have different definitions of “quiet” and end up fighting amongst themselves about the rules of the space, and what they’ve been promised. Some may interpret adult-area as being perfectly annoyance free, while others may interpret as “you can act as obnoxiously as you would in an ‘adult space’ because there aren’t any kids around.”


As a parent, I’m in favor of this =)


Thank God for noise cancelling headphones.


Is this curtain somehow noise cancelling? :thinking:


Is it time to start installing airlocks on planes?


Will it cost more?


Not necessarily:


Remember, this is the airlines.

There will be an upcharge for the family section, and an upcharge for not being in the family section.


Was going to say, the headline describes something starring the late Sylvia Kristel that one might find on Showtime in the middle of the night, 40ish years ago.


Doesn’t really apply to noise canceling headsets since you’re replacing annoying outside noise with (usually) lower volume sound.
As for earplugs, I don’t know anyone who wears them for long periods of time. For me personally, they start becoming uncomfortable if I wear them for extended periods of time.
I’m sure there are people who do try to totally isolate themselves from outside noise but they are probably in a small minority.
Thanks for the info, it’s always nice to be more informed.


Well that’s not what I took away from the article.

(And in the past I used such headsets with zero lower volume sound - e.g. while sleeping on an airplane. I think your assumption about that is just that - an assumption that may not be true for a large number of users.)

But at least we are all more informed. :wink:


So no Karens and other intoxicated Republican riff-raff? I’d be cool with that.


There is literally nothing that cannot be Slate-ified into a well actuallllly…this thing you thought was pretty good is actually problematic, even if you have to ratchet up the silliness to a cautionary tale against wearing earplugs constantly for a WEEK.

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This announcement got a lot of discussion on the /r/childfree reddit, where people who had translated the Dutch press release reckoned it was saying 43 euros extra for the adults only zone. And the consensus view of the biased sample who could be bothered responding was “totally worth it.”

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After the first time a couple gets caught on a late-night flight (assuming that planes fly this route during the night) trying to join the mile high club, the airline could charge extra for planes that offer that service. Some people would pay to get frisky with their partner, some would pay to watch others get frisky or to be watched getting frisky! :smirk:

They’ll probably also charge for doing nothing

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