Al Qaeda expert credited with designing deception of CIA torture program



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And participated! I pray I never encounter this woman.


Any bets on it being Ann Coulter?


So glad to see there’s absolutely no question she was a woman. Focus on the important stuff, NBC!


“For this, she was not punished. She was promoted.”

I would have believed it was Carrie Mathison.


Please be the Zero Dark Thirty woman.

I really wish burning the entire IC to the ground was a practical solution.


Finally, we have an evil mastermind in government that isn’t an old white guy. Equality marches on.




I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to avoid the charge of outing an intelligence agent - but that many people now have a good idea of who it is…


I have to say that the phrase “red headed woman in charge of the Bin Laden unit” is one I’ve seen a great deal. Why the color of her hair has anything to do with anything is beyond me.


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