Alabama newspaper publisher apologizes for spanking female employees decades ago


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Apologies are significantly less effective when they are preceded by denials.

Edited to Add: Especially when the apology is of the “That was a long time ago, and I’m better than that now,” type.


“As a very young man…”

40 years old.

Seriously, no one who has hit 40 can claim “But I’m too young to be held responsible!” Not even when they’ve reached 82 and finally have to face the consequences of what they did at 40.




And look at the timeline here. If he was 40 when he did this… it was the 70s. Not exactly too early to have access to the idea that you don’t get to assault your female employees.


Re: the Chase & Sanborn ad.

He can do that after picking up his teeth with two broken arms?


It’s The Myth of the Male Bumbler: “If you’ve noticed a tendency to treat girls — like the 14-year-old whom now-Senate candidate Roy Moore allegedly picked up at her custody hearing — as knowing adults and men in their 30s — like Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos and Donald Trump, Jr. — as erring youngsters, large sons and “coffee boys,” this is why.”


Dog no! Please fuck off and die, quickly and, if at all possible, of some excruciating disease that eats your worthless carcass from the inside.

Not so dear owners of pallid pricks in corporate America, Secretary was not a training video.


At my advanced age I wish I could relive those days again

The worst kind of regret is the wistful kind.


If you haven’t started acting like an adult by age 40 you probably never will.



“I have no memory of the alleged incidents. Of course I intend to remain as Chairman of this company which has been the central mission of my family for three generations.”

If he can’t member having actually spanked unwilling women, then his central mission should involve leaving the company.


Is there a statute of limitation for sexual assault in the 'states? Because there isn’t here in Canada…So, thanks for the public confession, creep?


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