Algorithms try to channel us into repeating our lives

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I’ll just have a shell script take care of the repetitive stuff.


I’ve been managing without facebook since the election. Haven’t quite figured out how to avoid google products completely


I hate the Amazon variant of this, which keeps trying to sell me shitty books I’ve already discarded rather than opening up any of the many wondrous new vistas the literary world offers.


Still don’t regret failing to sign up for Facebook.


I really REALLY wish that facebook would stop pushing me ads for Therapists. Gee, thanks for the diagnosis facebook algorithm, my posts HAVE been gloomy lately. Now just please FUCK OFF.


The autocorrect example is wonderful. Before that, they already imposed “order” on us by insisting that words are to consistently spelled. That’s obviously inhumane, if you look at how different we pronounce and stress them during the day. My wife,for example, uses a far higher pitch than I.

And next, toilets. How do they dare assume that I wanted to flush the urinal when I stepped away from it. Or that I wanted to wash hands when I placed my hands under the faucet.

I have to say, youtube is much less compelling since the algorithms switched from showing me related videos to showing me what I already watched over the last couple weeks. Sure I might have had fun watching magnet fishing videos yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I want to be offered more of that when I’m in a glam rock groove.


Algorithms don’t “try” anything at all. They are a tool, and if/when you use one, you need to first consider who made the tool with what goals in mind.

One can also even more easily employ algorithms to encourage diversified behaviors.

It might also be worth considering whether or not a few developers within Facebook or other app/service truly represent the average person and their use cases.


“Programatic Nostalgia” just sounds… I dunno… Dangerous? What a world.

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