All Norewegian books to be digitized, made available


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As a Norwegian in Canada, the IP block is so frustrating. This is not the only place it happens - want to sign up to a Norwegian movie streaming site to watch some Norwegian movies, sorry can’t do that, you’re not in Norway… I understand that American content gets sold by country etc, but is there really a huge demand for Norwegian literature and movies around the world? (Similar with buying Norwegian DVDs in Norway and bringing them to Canada to show to my friends - can’t do that, wrong zone… Thank god for VLC, but still ridiculous).

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Maybe Sjørøver Bukten is the answer (unless Google Translate has let me down)?

Haha, absolutt, and Google Translate did its work. Unfortunately, Norwegians are really poor at capturing and sharing TV series (there are some really good Norwegian ones, like comedy shows, some miniseries), and ebooks. (For which the sales situation is crappy too - I actually end up reading a lot of Norwegian authors in Swedish translation, because it’s much easier to pay a reasonable price and buy them legally from Swedish online stores…).

I love watching international TV series. DramaFever is great in making available (legally) content from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and now Latin America. Would love to see things like The Bridge from Denmark (amazing series), German crime series etc… The world is big, and there’s a broader spectrum than either the Wire or Telenovelas.

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Well, this is what VPNs are for. If you know anyone with an active account at UiO, you can use that - if not, there are probably alternatives. (I haven’t had to VPN to Norway very often.)

That sounds annoying. It’s easy enough to access American content with some small workarounds, getting Norwegian stuff from abroad must be harder.

Yes, we’re great! Seriously though, this is the kind of thing every national library should be doing. Sure, it’ll take them 30 years to get up to date, but they will do it.

Other great things that are free for Norwegians: NRK (Norwegian public broadcast) tv and radio streaming. They have an awesome service, definitely comparable to the BBC iPlayer. And radio is available for 6 months after broadcast, tv for up to a month depending on rights.

Btw, what is Neu Norwegian? Sounds like German/English spelling of New Norwegian (nynorsk), the second version of written Nowegian.

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Okay, so far all I’ve ever gotten online were ‘Pondus’ comics, but this opens real possibilities!

I guess they mean nynorsk.

Jeg vet :wink:

I was pointing out to Cory that he made a mistake. Or possibly a weird nynorsk in the 27th century joke?

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How can I use my UiO account for VPN? That would be great when abroad.

Katja, UiO runs a VPN server which you can access easily from off-campus. Start here:

I don’t know how well it works for streaming media, when I was at UiO I mainly used VPNs in the other direction (back to the US).

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It might be cool if every book got a permanent IPV6 address - like a network enabled ISBN number. It would make following references in a browser quite powerful and easy.

I haven’t thought this through too far, but maybe even every page could have its own?
also google.

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edit: Ah, beaten.

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