All-woman science fiction story-bundle

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Neato! I went ahead and bought it. Been looking for more stuff to read.

I already picked this up a few days earlier, but it looks good. I’ve been making a deliberate effort to read more female SF authors this year (mainly by deciding to dispense with my usual “maybe I’ll pick it up if it gets really good reviews or someone I trust recommends it to me or I find it really cheap used” standard for getting new SF books that have a premise that sort-of interests me, at least for female authors, and instead just grabbing it, since each of those restrictions, while not sexist themselves, can magnify existing structural biases), and it certainly helps to have more on hand.

Of this bundle, I’ve read Nagata’s Memory before, which was enjoyable, but I’ve liked other work of hers much more (like her most recent milSF The Red which was quite good)… the rest, though, I’ve not read, occasionally not even heard of.

This is exceptionally well-timed for me, I’d just started scraping the bottom of my summer reading download frenzy & was wondering where to look next. “All-woman science fiction story-bundle” is precisely the correct answer. I look forward to getting started.

Try for Boing Regular status. You’ll have plenty to read.

Hey, some of us have jobs. And can’t Boing in the terlet.

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