Alleged murderers claim they are living in The Matrix as their defense


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Beat blaming their crimes on too many Twinkies.


Still murder, even in the matrix.




That sounds more like Dark City.


“where you go to sleep at night and they drug you and take you somewhere else and then they bring you back and put you in bed and, when you wake up, you think that it’s a bad dream.”

That sounds more like “Dark City”

( Doh - I’m late due to finding the vid :-/ )


So, schizophrenia…


In defense of Twinkies, Dan White didn’t actually blame his crimes on them, rather his consumption of Twinkies was pointed to as evidence of his depression.


So they should be charged with battery.



Gods, Fairies, Radio Waves, Aliens, Matrix: Voices come in all shapes.


She’s living in her own private Ohio.


Yes, exactly.

Someone needs to get their sci fi straight. What next, lightsabers on the Enterprise?


Since they’re living in The Matrix, the death penalty isn’t really death, is it?


I believe that we’re living in a realm akin to The Matrix (the movie is a gnostic allegory through and through after all, and the gnostics believed this a couple thousand years ago). How this justifies murder is beyond me.

A lot of people have done a lot of awful shit over the years, based on poorly-understood interpretations that imho may have seeds of truth within them. It’s too bad, but eh, as us illuminated gnostics understand, such is the way (and perhaps the point) of this odd little corner of the multiverse.


That would be an interesting mashup. And Obi Wan Kenobi vs. Spock; that would be incredibly interesting.



"… used in the last few years in courts by accused murderers who either truly believe (or pretend to believe) that they are living in the same simulated reality that’s the setting of the 1999 film The Matrix and so their heinous crimes were not “real.”

So, the accused murderers – if found guilty – shouldn’t mind a lethal injection. Ain’t real. Right?

@RickMycroft Damn you! Got there before me!


… Deja-vu!


No to worry, the prison is co-located in the matrix




I strongly suspect the hypothesis that the universe is a kind of quantum computer is on to something - more-so than the Copenhagen Interpretation or Everett’s many-worlds interpretation or Bohm’s implicate order or Cramer’s transactional interpretation (though this one might be compatible) or any of the other dozen interpretations of quantum mechanics.

However, this doesn’t make it non-physical, it’s just that physics is computation. We don’t say things are non-physical because they obey mathematics. We don’t assume a more base reality that disobeys mathematics. It’s obtuse to assume one that disobeys the mathematics of quantum computation.

Invoking a programmer is every bit as nonsensical and unnecessary as invoking any other kind of Creator(s). The form of the simulation argument that invokes a concious programmer is just humans doing what they always so, anthropomorphizing their environment, projecting themselves on the rest of nature. Like religion, it’s ultimately just a form of solipsism.