Alphasmart modded with mechanical keys

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Point of Order; It isn’t Low End. The prices are as low as they are because they were sold for the educational market so there are thousands if not more making the rounds in surplus. New these devices cost anywhere from $250 - $300

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Neat, but if you want to type on a obsolete portable, the classic TRS-80 Model 100 had a excellent keyboard out of the box – and you can pretend you are a high-powered 1980s journalist while you use it because so many of them did back in the day:

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Judging by that text, looks like this guy also writes Trump’s threats to North Korea.

As an addendum I prefer my Neo. Nice enough keyboard and an LCD screen.

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Back in the Before Times, hardware was just expensive. Compared to the ~$1800 iBook (for the impecunious sorts who couldn’t afford a real laptop) or even the stripped-down $800 emate 300, the Alphasmart was pretty Spartan and cheap, even at $250-300.

My first computer with monitor and printrer was $3500. I’m well aware how tech prices have dropped like a stone. I frankly like the neo, it’s tough, it does its job, and it lasts an insane amount of time on batteries.

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