Alt-right social network Gab down after website, domain registrar and own tech chief abandon it


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A founder of Gab said yesterday “We were all extremely surprised to find that after we built a platform specifically so that extremists could say hateful things, extremists used it to say hateful things. We really hadn’t anticipated that at all. Likewise, it came as a shock to us to discover that large corporations would bail on us as soon as their bottom line was threatened. That didn’t feature in any of our projections. It seems that there are things about this capitalism stuff that we haven’t fully figured out.”

“I think our mistake was in hoping that if we provided a safe space for Nazi asshats, they’d make use of it to share perceptive, contrarian viewpoints, broadening the discourse and challenging the status quo. Instead, they mostly posted Pepe the Frog hate-memes, insane conspiracy theories, and sub-literate rants about exterminating the [racial epithet deleted] and the [racial epithet deleted]. Frankly, we’re all quite disappointed in the quality of the content, which has fallen far, far short of what we hoped to see.”

At press time, the founders were said to be considering a new venture, which they described as ‘TED talks for the right’. “We’ve lined up a great deal of top talent from the Daily Stormer, Atomwaffen Division, Volksfront and the White Patriot Party. We’re confident that our lecture series will help to reinvigorate political debate in America, with leading intellectuals from the right offering the kind of insightful philosophical challenges to conventional thinking that this country so clearly needs.”


We are all enriched by the loss of something so virulently worthless.


“Gab co-founder Ekrem Büyükkaya, who once wrote that he’d be the first to leave if the site was seen to be right-wing,”

And he’s leaving just now? He was fine with it actually being a reich-wing cesspit, but once it became known publicly, he’s out? Fuck this shitstain in the neck!




Keep going.



The good news is it seems like Americans aren’t very good at banding together to do evil, yet. I mean, we do have the Republican Party, but the actual MAGABomers still work alone in the darkness. Compare that to the kids who would rather not be shot in school, and how effortlessly they united and organized on line. It’s almost as if people can still feel shame.


“We have been smeared by the mainstream media […] for working with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served for the horrible atrocity committed in Pittsburgh.”
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So, just to understand this, it took the murder of 11 Jewish people in a Synagogue to get this shit shut down? But it’s okay folks, it’s not a right wing blog. Carry on.


The only odd bit is that they haven’t gone for the usual ‘this is a clear breach of the First Amendment’ - could it be that the hatemongers have learned one tiny thing?


Just think how many school kids!

We’re dangerously close to having an exchange rate


Also, a mass message already went out from r/The_Donald about moving to


Poor guys. Soon there will be no safe space for them.



Kick rocks barefoot, ya Nazi scum.


You know, I brought this up last night at a friend’s house. He responded with Proud Boys, Unite the Right, the Bundys, KKK et al. They’re terroristic militias in all but name.


I was just reading some of the transphobic and anti-Semitic comments being thrown at critics of Gab by one of Gab’s co-founders - and his mom. The interesting thing was that the targets of those slurs were neither trans nor Jewish - Gab dude and mom just thought those were great, general-purpose insults.
That really says everything one needs to know about Gab.


Seems like reddit (and perhaps ex gab users) have a plan: