Alt-right social network Gab down after website, domain registrar and own tech chief abandon it


To a court; it does not.


And as far as I am concerned a domain provider revoking a DNS zone and releasing it to the general public is outright theft on top of censorship.


Except no court ordered the seizure of their services.


When you’re Empress of the world; you’ll get to decide what the law is.


A court can’t authorize what a private business does that is legal. It’s not within their authority to approve or deny the action.


And if you want to debate what is or is not free speech, we have a whole thread for that.


Yeah, they call themselves names like ‘the Proud Boys’ and ‘the American Freedom Party,’ and ‘the White Aryan Resistance’, and they are known hate groups.

Luckily, the universe doesn’t revolve around you or your questionable perception.

Unless I’m mistaken, you are the very same member who once defended sexual harassment with the vapid question “how is someone supposed to know if you want to fuck them unless you ask?”


You know who wants to let internet businesses do whatever they want with zero government oversight? Andrew Torba. You know who cries when business exercise that freedom? Andrew Torba. Whiny baby.

“For whatever reason, we’re shying away from individual liberty, individual responsibility to this nanny-state, Big-Brother-esque forum or model of the Internet, which is really scary to me,” Torba said in a with a commentator on YouTube."


Well, except according to you they should have no avenue to publish their thoughts on the internet, as we should force any website that would allow them to post to be taken offline.

So that isn’t censorship? Preventing the dissemination of ideas is censorship. Even if they are disgusting or violent. The medium doesn’t matter.


Should the other websites be forced to express ideas they don’t wish to? Where’s their freedom of expression then?


White supremacists use the term to describe their sexual inadequacy. Calling their incel status “white genocide”. Essentially blaming racial minorities for keeping the pool of white womenfolk away from their clutches. Essentially blind to the fact that white supremacist views and general poor body odor tends to drive people away.

GAB was of no value. They shut themselves down because it is likely their fanbase will expect an FBI presence now. They need another place to play out their murderous ideas.


If there was a site on the net openly advocating for your death, or celebrating when your kin are slaughtered, you’d have a totally different opinion.

Advocating for genocide doesn’t have a place in society. We are not all one day going to wake up and say “You know what, yes, lets kill a swath of our population!”. That’s why this argument is so naive and simplistic. Not all ideas are worth sharing, because we, as a society, choose not to condone them.

I’m sorry that you’re trapped in a society where advocating violence is considered unworthy of discussion, but that’s how it is. You are welcome to start your own site that advocates (or allows for the advocation) of such things, but you will be unable to force others to carry your bits.

That’s the thing - these arguments aren’t about freedom, are they? They’re about forcing others to support positions of hatred and bigotry. And you’re not going to find people here who are for that position. Sorry if that’s disappointing.


I think their are better ways to confront racism than defacto censorship. like teaching love an understanding. I dont believe letting bigots have their voice gives them any power at all. If you go online looking for racist shit you are already a racist right? Closing their avenues of conversation only serves to drive them more underground. The great thing about letting them have a public voice is they tell everyone about what scumbags they are.

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That’s not what I did, though.

Those are your own words, demonstrating that you seem to have more than a few… questionable opinions about what is and is not socially acceptable in a civilized society.

And even though your needless ‘ad hom’ reply has already been eaten before I even got done typing this reply, I am still inspired to respond with music:


That’s because the information being censored isn’t spurring people on to harm you.

This isn’t a game, or some sort of thought exercise. People are dying from this rhetoric, and folks do not want to support it. It’s that simple. Lives are more important than ideology (well, unless your reach the level fundamentalism I suppose).

Why does one preclude the other?



Got no flower for your gun, no hippie chick.


It isn’t government censorship. I suppose you could frame it as private censorship if you want, but it really isn’t. It is people choosing to not do business with you. In the case of Gab it isn’t that they just had one racist on there, it is that it is a haven for that shit. I don’t blame anyone not wanting to do business with them any longer.

Everyone is ok with private censorship. Or is it ok if I came to your house and scream obscenities at 3am at you? You would be cool hiring this guy, as an example. It is just one of many examples that if you hold and express vile opinions, expect people to not want to be around you.

I used to run a fairly large forum (10K users) and banning people who violated the rules was just part of the terms of use. I was under do obligation to let idiots stay and say what they wanted.

Anyone can setup their own server and run a site from their home. So even this isn’t really censorship, as you can make your own forum or blog or what ever and spout what ever you want.

I MIGHT concede the point that a registrant refusing to host your domain that points to your home based server might be one step too far. But I do believe one will always find SOME registrant willing to take you on. Just like one is likely to find a server host.


If you really feel that way then you should open your home to a weekly or monthly meeting open to all Nazi’s and white supremacists to come over to plan some bombings and mass shootings. In fact if I read what you said up thread correctly, if you don’t do this then you are suppressing their free speech which is way more import than the safety of you and your home. Make sure to record and post the video so we can be impressed with your personal dedication to all free speech.

If you don’t do this then you are no better than the rest of us individuals and businesses that want nothing to do with these terrorists.


Um, that’s not what GoDaddy did. They gave these fascists 24 hours to transfer the domain to a new registrar.

Especially people who choose Gab as their platform of choice, as long as it’s incorporated into either an “hilarious” meme involving ovens and such or into a lament for the non-existent destruction of the “white race.”