Alternative Rickroll Energy


Grrrrr. I like that song (even if it was played too much for a while), that video, and the band a-ha itself.

(Though it’s got Weird Al in the video, so it’s not totally bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I do wish YouTube wouldn’t try to shoehorn it into every :clap: single :clap: mix :clap: I select though. :imp:)



Also, since I cant post more than two consecutive replies:


So this is about repetitive posting of links to catchy yet also somewhat cheesy 80s songs?

(Because I do have a tiny bit of self-awareness).


Hard to beat.


This is a weird moment- I grew up hearing it as “I can’t forget”. My illusions are shattered.


Does not have to be 80s, but does have to, in some sense, be “forgotten.” C.f. the Steps video I posted from the 90s.

(The 90s was secretly the cheesiest era.)

ETA: Let us not forget the existence of 90s Eurodance…


Oh gods don’t get me started on that topic. I grew up in the 90s and live in the same country as the guys who thought up the vengaboys. They’re not obscure here though so I’ll refrain from posting more of them.



I would appreciate it if a little more non-germanophone diversity was celebrated here.

Rickrolling with Falco might be in order, but the Modern Talking posts are going to give rickrolling a bad name faster than anyone can say Rammstein.

That said, I’ll refuse to link to the video. This might be enough:



I am disappointnik!


Okay, fine. Let’s do one it is very unlikely most people here have heard before. This song was a (mercifully brief) sensation in the Arab speaking world for reasons no one can account for. It is believed that it was at least 75% trolling and people playing it ironically. The entire premise of the song is that some guy at his job is trying to get in touch with someone at his home and his kids answer and the guy can’t get past the kids.

Everything about this is ridiculous, but for reason it got a ton of airtime, to the point that basically everyone I knew was sick of it, which somehow contributed to us playing it more as a form of rickrolling back when cellphones still had buttons:


No can do; the vein is just too rich… I need a lot to get out of my system.



Baby sharks are cute and cuddly.