"Never Gonna Give You Up" singer Rick Astley returns with new album


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Oh yeah, fuck yeah!


Ohhhhhh no, I’m not clicking that link!




I clicked the hell out of that link. I’m never above a good rickroll, it never ceases to amuse me. Granted, it links to a video that does have snippets of the song but does talk about his new album.

Also i’m stuck with how well he sings from bits of a song from his new album. Not that i ever thought that he sung poorly, but he’s got a good voice on him. I hope the release does well :slight_smile:


If I might toot my own horn (toot toot), I’m still quite proud that the link in my post below has garnered 120+ hits, but only 2 likes. :smile:


That opening beat to the song never ever ceases to be great and funny.

Also i just noticed that the video has 213,014,224 views. Which might be higher considering that there’s other rickroll videos out there. Ok then…


Does the new album include NGGYU as a hidden track at the end of the CD?


I still get this guy and Rick Springfield confused.


I was wondering the same thing… and I hope it does.


numbering an album according to age like Adele…
never mind other artists who’ve done this trendy thing before it was trendy;
harry conick jr. comes to mind.


Never Gonna Give UP Jessie’s Girl ???


Never gonna give up a human touch.


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