Rick Astley rickrolls unsuspecting weather reporter on air


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I was sort of wondering when it would become funny again. So it’s not too soon?



What did I miss?

Why would it be too soon??


Aww, that’s lovely.


So sweet. He really is never gonna give us up.


Choir!Choir!Choir! invited him to sing with them in Toronto.


No, he ddn’t die. But the meme got just a little old…


Never gonna let us down.


Never gonna write a new song, evidently.


Apart from all the other ones.


Never gonna have to.
(Though he did.)

Rick Astley had a corny ‘one hit wonder’ which, by design, should have been long-forgotten; but because someone decided to use a clip of his cheesy song as a part of an online prank, his relevance in pop culture has been revived… along with his mechanical royalties.


It’s been officially renewed and is hilarious again.


so you’re just going to run around and desert it?


Until it’s time for… Phase Two.


Must be earning millions for Astley.


I liked his two new songs,


I’m sure it has helped him promotionally, but according to a source from 2010:

Hard to know, but hopefully that has changed since then.


What is WRONG with you?


@milliefink beat me to it. But seriously dude, WTF?


You know the rules and so do I

You wouldn’t get this from any other guy