Amazing beehive cake!


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Don’t you just hate building something that ornate and then the dog gets up on the table and decimates it?


Wow, looks amazing? was there a dowel in the center, or any other method of keeping it from tipping over and adding structural support?


It’s a very nice design – unlike so many sculptured cakes, it looks like the sort of thing I could slice into without feeling like I’m destroying something. Except it looks like it would disintegrate rapidly after three or four cuts.


Can I be the downer who points out that honey bees don’t actually make hives that look like the that? This classic hive shape is a weird composite of a paper wasp nest and a Utah-style coiled rope hive. I blame Pooh.

Though that cake does look delicious



However, the real Pooh may bear some indirect responsibility. Honey jars are sometimes fashioned to look like rope hives, and look who keeps hive-lookin’ jars up on a tree branch:


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