Amazing mime


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Is this really mime?

Serious question - I have no clue, but it isn’t what I think of when I think of mime…


Is this the Real Mime?
Is this just Fantasy.
Caught in a clear Box.
No escape from the blowing wind.


A reverse mime. I love it.


Tangent: I dream of Japan to leading the world to the death of the trilby because they’re the nation most responsible for perpetuating its crimes against heads.


I’d consider it a living statue or street performer than a mime but i dunno


If we don’t nip this in the bud now pretty soon we’ll be up to our balls in crusty jugglers.



yes, it is yiours…


The greater good? THE GREATER GOOD.


I’m miming right now.


I think “living statue”.

I also think Frauenfelder does this on purpose just to see who notices.



This may be the only video that has ever been appropriate in vertical format. And I still think it would have been better horizontal.


“Amazing”…? Not exactly the word I would have used…



I thought you said “Amazon Mime” - shipping is free but it takes a looonnng time.


I saw the same guy a few days ago in Lisbon.


Did anybody try turning him off and back on again?


These millennial mimes are soooo lazy.


At least it’s not a floating Yoda.