Amazing Robert Fripp episode of "Live from Daryl's House"

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Fripp has a couple of these seemingly odd musical connections. He also produced and played on the first Roches LP.


See also Fripp’s collaboration with Andy Summers (of the Police) on at least two LPs that I’m aware of.


Yeah, “I Advance Masked”, I bought that when it came out. Andy Summers has a pedigree that seems more in line with Fripp than Hall and Oates, but artists shouldn’t be limited by our perceptions of them.


This is great, i am so glad to see this. i dig how effusive Fripp is, i have only seen him play twice live and he’s typically so… stoic. Just wish we could see a bit more Fripptronics :blush::wink:

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When I first heard that song I spluttered “that’s Robert Fripp!” When the solo came on. I don’t know that I have seen it confirmed anywhere but it’s so obvious!


It’s such a distinctive sound.

The first time my daughter heard “Heroes”, she was 3 years old, and she stopped what she was doing and stood straight up one ear cocked upward, big dreamy smile on her face. I got a bit closer and listened, and she was quietly and carefully singing along with the guitar part. “ooooo - eeeee- ooooo”


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